Campaign Madness

I’ve been drooling over campaign style furniture all over the blogosphere for several years now. Yes, that indicates that I’m several years behind the trend and for all this Midwestern gal knows, the trend is SO OVER on both the coasts. But, since the Midwest typically lags behind the trends, I figure I’m just about right on target. Trendy or not, how could you not love one of these guys?


I resigned myself to the fact that my local Craigslist would never produce something so amazing, but one day, there it was!! I literally couldn’t reply to the ad fast enough, and I offered full price, that never happens! We can’t skip right to the fairy tale ending though. The seller had 6 other interested parties in line ahead of me. Fortunately, all 6 of those potential buyers fell through, so I was the lucky girl.

The dresser was in great shape and the wood was actually kind of pretty. I knew right away that I wanted to paint the body of the dresser white and leave the drawers their natural wood tone. I think it achieves the best of both worlds here.

Taryn | DRESSER $200

Taryn | DRESSER $200

I’ll leave you with some more campaign style furniture love and to get those creative juices flowing. If you ever run across another one for sale, call me, email me, skywrite me, whatever it takes, I want it!!




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