Perfectly Turquoise

Elsa kids chairs

I can be easily persuaded to buy any furniture that is little. It may be the fact that my best friends are 2 and 3 years old. But seriously, who doesn’t look at these chairs without saying “adorable”! I loved these little kid chairs when I spotted them and just had to have them. My only problem once I got them was deciding what color to paint them.

I had a bunch of ideas going through my head. When I am unsure of what color to paint something I like to go out to some of my favorite sites and look for some inspiration. I look to stores like West Elm, Joss and Main and Pottery Barn, and my go-to blogs for inspiration are Young House Love and Perfectly Imperfect . Other times, my inspiration comes from a fabric color combination or a painting I saw. And once in a while, I can even have a revelation from a jar of sprinkles I saw at Target. Yes, I am serious!

Inspiration was not an issue with these chairs. I had many things that were inspiring me for color, too many! I found this chevron fabric and thought green or turquoise would be beautiful. I also fell in love with the yellow in this highchair from Young House Love. But then I saw these cute chairs in Pottery Barn Kids and decided soft green was the way to go. I picked up a small sample jar of paint and started painting a little on one of the chairs. Okay, I may have painted A LOT. And it was pretty but not knocking my socks off. My new plan…BOLD! I was being drawn back to the green and turquoise chevron fabric that first inspired me. I took a swatch of the fabric to the hardware store with me and matched the paint color to a similar turquoise color in the fabric. When I got the paint home and opened the can I was beaming from ear to ear. It was the perfect turquoise! I may have even made an arm gesture followed by the word “YES!”.

see saw felix

Chevron Fabric

Young House Love Highchair

Highchair from the blog Young House Love

Pottery Barn Kids Chairs

Chairs from Pottery Barn Kids

I am so happy with how the chairs turned out. I like them so much that I am going to have a little trouble parting with them. Check out our Gallery/Shop and contact us at if you are interested in them or just have questions.

Quick Idea! Loved this idea from Kojo Designs for a color palette keeper. HERE.  What a great idea to print off your color inspiration and save them on a binder ring to drop in your purse and match paint swatches to. Also handy for picking out coordinating decor! And Behr’s paint display offers the binder rings for their swatches on their display.



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