Chairs Chairs Chairs



So I am pretty excited to share these chairs with everyone because the beginning state they were in was NOT very pretty. The chairs were filled with dust and grime and on death row. A friend of a friend was cleaning out an old shed and I was more then happy to save these gems from the bonfire.

There were so many treasures and A LOT of chairs, but I may have gotten in a little over my head.


Despite the overwhelming amount of chairs, I am definitely up to the challenge and super excited to make these chairs have new life. If you are looking for a specific color just let me know and I can create a custom chair to fit your house and style.

Also, I have been working on banners. I LOVE banners! You can use them for almost anything from decoration in your home to hanging them up at a special occasion such as birthdays, weddings, holidays, names in the kids bedroom, welcome home signs and so much more. Below are a few examples.



If you have a special occasion coming up or would just like to add some decoration just let us know. I can create a custom banner for you. Contact us at for any questions.



5 thoughts on “Chairs Chairs Chairs

    • Thanks Beth! I’ve actually been reading your blog for awhile and take lots of inspiration from your stuff. We’re pretty new to the blog world but are having fun with the challenges so far. Maybe we’ll have to do a collaboration I the future!

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