Bring on the Piping

Camille Stool

When I saw this mid century modern stool I knew all it needed was some modern fabric and fresh paint to be fabulous again. The only intimidating part for me was the piping! I am not a super sewer. And in fact my sewing skills don’t go much past curtains and pillows. But after completing this project I have to say I am intimidated no more! It ended up being much easier than I had thought. Bring on the piping!

Things you’ll need: Screw Driver, Pliers, Scissors, New Modern Fabric, Thread, Cording, Pins, Piping foot or Zipper foot, Primer and Paint, Sandpaper, Staple Gun and a Cordless Drill.

First, I took apart the stool and cushion. I unscrewed the legs and removed the staples. Then I took the seam ripper and took the cushion apart. When I took it apart I took pictures of each stage so I would know how to put it back together.

Then I used the pieces of old fabric I took apart as a pattern and cut out the new fabric.

Finally, it was time to get my sew on and sew some piping! I was pleasantly surprised how easy piping was to sew. I inserted the cord in the middle of the fabric then folded it in half and began to sew using my piping foot. Yes, that simple. My husband would tell you I did struggle a little to get the piping foot on my sewing machine. Note: It is good to know how to move your needle position to the left or right.

Once the piping was sewn, I pinned and sewed everything back together in the same manner I took it apart. This is where the pictures I took earlier came in handy.

Tip one: When sewing the piping to your first rounded square piece, the piping will overlap when it meets. Where it overlaps, seam rip open the piping about 8 stitches and clip back the cording inside the piping so it matches up with the other end. Then tuck the piping into the stripped back piece. It gives a nice finished look. See the pictures below labeled example 1 and 2.

Tip two: Notch your corners. This was something I almost forgot.

Now that the sewing is finished, all I had to do was staple the fabric in place and screw the freshly painted legs back on. Gorgeous! Note: If you struggle to drill the screws in like I did, you may need to get someone to help. Luckily my husband was nice enough to help me!

Design Sponge is another great resource on how to do piping. The blog includes nice and simple instructions and LOTS OF PICTURES.

The Camille foot stool is now in the gallery/shop. Be sure to check it out. Also if you are in love with mid century modern feet, don’t miss the Ellery side table. Questions or comments contact us at



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