Quick Bathroom Update

I’m back for a quick update on some accessories I’ve added to my bathroom and to give you some ideas on how you can accessorize this otherwise utilitarian space. (First,  let me apologize for my picture quality. These were taken on my phone…I’m an on-the-go kind of gal, and lets face it,  Lindsay is the real photographer in this bunch.

It all started with this little $2 plant I picked up at the grocery store. I knew it would give my countertop a little oomph that it needed. But, I obviously couldn’t put the dirty, wet container right on my beauteous (I may have just made that word up) countertop. I dug through my hoard of accessories and came upon these little white ceramic kidney-shaped platters. I think I got these at Goodwill for $1 a piece. It fit the plant perfectly and I then added a silver tray (from a vintage shop) that I use to hold bracelets I wear often.

I decided I needed a little symmetry on the other side and came up with this.

This side holds our toothbrushin’ materials. I keep our toothpaste in a silver bucket found in the Target dollar bin. The toothbrushes themselves I plopped into a spare jelly jar. I love this idea because I can throw it in the dishwasher when it gets gunky with toothpaste.

My point of this post, which contains the word toothpaste about six times too many, is that you can dress up your bathroom counters with atypical bathroom items. Shop your own home for items that might have a dual or unexpected purpose. That’s all on the bathroom for now, but I’ll keep you posted on any changes I make!



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