I love yellow!

This is a table i got off craigslist and i was excited to get some paint on it. It was originally a medium to dark shade of wood and came with some cane/trellis looking stuff on the front of each drawer enclosed in a type of frame, i guess its a little hard to explain i hope you get what i am talking about. Anyways, my husband picked up the table and brought it home and i was a little disappointed to find the cane with the frame around it was a cheapy looking brown plastic. But all was not lost (a lightbulb went off) I thought…..just eliminate it, so i grabbed a screw driver and ripped it off. In the end i am much happier without it and when it comes to color I LOVE YELLOW! plus it was the color i had on hand:) i also decided to put some distress marks on it and i absolutely love the handles. So………..let me know what you think!



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