Update on “Curtain Conundrum”

The curtains are made and I am happy with the results! Thanks to everyone who voted to help me make my decision on which fabric to go with! I actually finished the curtains about a week and a half ago but put off the post until after spring break. The kids and I drove to Nebraska to visit my parents, we had tons of fun and I didn’t really feel like doing anything except hanging out with my family. We got home late last night and this morning I just kept thinking “I need to get these curtains posted for everyone to see.” I hope you enjoy!


During the sewing process I decided to have the curtains hanging from the rod rather than wrap the material around the rod because I had just enough material that if I wrapped it around there was going to be about a 2 inch gap at the bottom. Then I had to decide if I should use ribbon or ring clips; I’ve never used them before but have always kinda liked them. When I asked my frugal (I won’t say cheap just in case he reads this) husband, of course he said ribbon, probably because I had some on hand. Fine by me, I would have been happy either way!

They turned out great, and you can’t tell in this picture but they line up just right in the center. Don’t mind the partially finished stairwell, it’s a work in progress.



My 7 year old son is usually my go-to buy for opinions because he is super sweet and pretty honest. When I got my material in the mail I was so excited that I just threw them over the curtain rod to get an idea of what it would look like. I said “What do you think?” and my son says, “They’re alright.” My excitement of course went down a notch but then my 4 year old daughter says “They’re more beautiful than a queen! They’re more beautiful than an angel!” Boom! Excitement back to the top and I was ready to go. Everything went smoothly during the process, but what would one of my projects be without some sort of mess up? Don’t worry I do have a mess up for you. Pretty much all the original windows in this old house are the same size so when I measured this window at the bottom of the stairs I just assumed the window at the top of the stairs was the same size, oops! Apparently the window at the bottom is a little shorter due to the fact that it runs into the stairs. You know that kind of rings a bell. I am sure that is something I noticed when I bought curtains when we first moved in 9 YEARS AGO. It must have slipped my mind somewhere along the way. Here is a picture of the window at the top of the stairwell, you can imagine my surprise when I hung them up, I just stared at them for about 10 min. thinking…What on earth did I do!


Sorry the picture is not great, it was taken with my cell phone.

No worries though, I am just going to move the curtain rod down about 6 inches and it should be just fine. I would probably be more upset if the windows were next to each other or in the same room but since they are not I just don’t think it will be very noticeable. So this next part seems a little silly after telling you how I just messed up on my own curtains but if you are looking to update your house with some new curtains and would like us to make some for you just let us know. I won’t make that mistake again, lol! It will probably be a different kind of mistake, just kidding! just kidding! just kidding! Thanks for checking out the curtains!



2 thoughts on “Update on “Curtain Conundrum”

    • Thanks, Beth. Here is the original post , but we didn’t list the actual name in this post. It is from Richloom and it is Marlena Ikat in Orange. Holly got it off fabricguru.com, which I think Holly would admit, she is addicted to!

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