Fabric Flower Obsession

I am not sure where my fabric flower obsession started. Maybe because winter seemed extra long this year and I am ready to see some flowers or maybe it is because I have no little girls that have adorable little flower hair accessories. Either way I am loving putting them on just about everything. And they make the perfect accent for spring!

I found this lamp at Good Will and turned it from ugly to lovely with some turquoise paint, antique glaze and a little distressing.  I thought the flowers were the perfect finishing touch this lamp needed.


I was trying to create a way to use up some of my scrap fabric I have and I came up with these pillows. I cut even strips 3 inches by 13 inches then sewed them together leaving the edges raw and frayed. The addition of the flowers added a nice pop of color!

yellow_white_flower pillows

black_white_flower pillows

Fabric flowers are all over on pinterest. Click here for several different tutorials that I collected. There are so many different options out there, with some being a little more difficult then others. Below are my 5 simple steps to making a fabric flower. I prefer this flower because you can use some scrap fabric you have lying around and you can complete it in literally seconds. No trip to the craft store and something you can make fast is music to any mama’s ears.

Things you need:
1. A piece of scrap fabric about 2 inches wide and 12-24 inches long depending on how big you want your flower to be.
2. Scissors
3. Hot Glue

Step One: Make a knot at one end of your fabric


Step Two: Fold your fabric in half. Then wrap your fabric around the knot twice to form the center of your flower. Make sure you hold it tight.

Fabric Flower_step2

Step Three: Hold your fabric in the center. Then wrap and twist forward. Wrap twist backward or whatever direction you want to get the desired look you are going for.

fabric_flowers_step 3

Step Four: When you get to the end of your fabric, tuck the remaining fabric behind the flower and put a large blob of hot glue. If some of the fabric is showing from the front side, trim it back with scissors.

Fabric flower_step 4

Step Five: Gently pull on fabric to fluff out the flower until it looks like a flower. Wow, how many times can I say the word flower!

Step_5 fabric flower

Seriously easy, right?  Hmm what else can I add a fabric flower to. Maybe a purse, diaper bag or maybe an Easter basket. I would love to see any ideas you come up with. Show us on Facebook or link up to this post. Happy Easter, Moxies!



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