Fab Friday!


First, I would like to start with something not so fab today, and we’ll just get it out of the way. You see, we live in Iowa. I’m sure lots of our readers do, but if you live anywhere that doesn’t look like this….um, we hate you. Just kidding we don’t hate you, but this picture pretty much says it all.may 2 snowstorm

Okay, onto the actual fabulousness. If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that this mama got an early Mother’s Day present, this beautiful mid-century china hutch. Oh, how I love thee. And, let’s all write this down on the calendar (for those of you who know me really well, you won’t believe it)….I’M NOT GOING TO PAINT IT! Yes, you heard me correctly. The finish is in pretty good shape, I really do like the natural wood color of this one.

new china hutch

Adding this necessitates the removal of my lime green china cabinet. It’s been with me for a few years and it’s in pretty good shape. So, I will be selling this as part of Moxie. Check her out at the Denver garage sales on May 10/11, and if it doesn’t sell then, we’ll take to Dysart to the Backroads Vintage Market on June 22. I know it’s kind of hard to tell the color, but if I remember correctly it is Tupelo Tree by Sherwin Williams.

old china hutch


Next up is an amazing room reveal by Mandi at Vintage Revivals. I’ve been waiting a couple weeks until it was my turn for Fab Friday’s, but I knew this was definitely one I wanted to show you guys. I’ve read Mandi’s blog for a couple of years now and if you look back at her older projects you can see how her style has really evolved, and I must say, it’s pretty freaking awesome. I love Mandi’s style because she does whatever makes her feel good, not following any type of design rule out there. This is kind of strange to admit, but when I do something that other people think I’m a little weird for…like putting a metal office credenza in my dining room…I ask myself if Mandi would think it’s weird, and usually the answer is HELL NO, THAT’S AWESOME! (Hopefully she’s agrees, ha ha!). Anyway, I love her modern/industrial/chic/wacky/colorful/awesome style and hope you guys do. Without further adieu, check out a couple pictures from Dylan’s Room Reveal.

Honeycomb Hexagon Wall @ Vintage Revivals-2[2]Citrus Rainbow Hexagon Wall @ Vintage Revivals[2]Imaginative Girls Bedroom @vintage revivals[2]

What is your favorite part? Obviously the honeycomb wall treatment is fab, and the corkboard bulldog is pretty genius. Would you have the guts to try something like that?

number4Last one for this Friday…do you guys read Young House Love? A better question might be, who doesn’t read Young House Love, but oh well. Did you all see their big announcement this week? They put their house on the market and they’ve already bought a new one!New-House

It’s so weird, because I don’t actually know John & Sherry, but I was all over the place reading that post…happy for them, excited to see all the new stuff they come up with and sad. What?? I know that’s so weird, but I kept wondering how they will be able to leave all the hard work they’ve put into their current house, especially their kitchen. It shouldn’t be such a foreign concept to me, because if I found the perfect house in the perfect location, I’d be packing my bags tomorrow. We have put a lot of aesthetic work into our home and I really love it, but I really like change and I really like tackling new challenges. So, I get it where they are coming from. You invest a lot of time and effort into your projects, but you don’t have to be married to them. Here’s a couple of pics of their new place. I can see the potential too, but man do they have their work cut out for them. CANNOT wait to see how it all turns out!new-house-grid1

That’s all for this Friday. Thanks so much for reading, we love putting these together for you. We’ll be back next Friday with NO SNOW!


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