Moody Monday-Jaymi’s Baby Boy or Girl Nursery

Well, here is our Moody Monday post, it’s 9 p.m., not too late right? To make up for being late, I suppose I’ll treat you two two mood boards. I got my inspiration from a co-worker who is due with her second child in September and we began discussing her future nursery. Her oldest is a boy and they didn’t find out what they were having when pregnant with him. They’re still not finding out for this baby, so her plan is to stick with the nursery in it’s current state, which is a gender neutral green with turtles and frogs. I’m not trying to influence her to change it because I’m sure her current nursery is  adorable and don’t blame her one bit for not wanting to change it.

It did, however, give me a challenge. How can you take an existing nursery, with the same furniture, and change it once you bring the baby home? Well, first you kind of have to hire someone to do the larger pieces for you (definitely not advocating a new mom getting out in the garage to paint a dresser!), but most can be done with accessorizing and if you’ve got the plans ahead of time, you designate a special friend or designer to do the shopping and styling for you and you’re done. So check these two options out. I planned to use her existing crib but paint it a shiny navy blue. Partnered with a neutral strip rug, a classic rocking chair and fun yellow paper lanterns, you’ve set the base for the room. The circles on the top of each mood board represent textiles for the room; you can easily bring all these patterns into the room with custom crib skirts, sheets and changing pad covers. I hope you enjoy and be sure to vote for your favorite mood board in the Mood Board Link Party!

Boy Nursery Girl_Nursery


3 thoughts on “Moody Monday-Jaymi’s Baby Boy or Girl Nursery

    • Thanks, Jessica. Yes, totally love navy and coral. I’d like to wear it, decorate with it, eat it…what?! You get the idea, that combo is awesome and totally different than the pinky pink nurseries you typically see for little girls. Thanks for stopping by!

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