Fab Friday | DIY Flooring

Fab Fridays

Happy Friday, Moxies! Hope everyone is having a GREAT start to their day. When thinking about what to post about today, DIY flooring popped into my head because I love me some cool and unique flooring. Flooring can be soooo expensive, so when I see something someone has done that is super cool and a lot cheaper than the average, I am all over that. I mean SUPER COOL and CHEAPER, you can’t really go wrong, right? And even if some of the flooring options may not be as durable as tile, laminate or hardwood I am ok with that because I usually get an itch to try something different after a few years:)

So this first one I found last year and just melted, I absolutely loved it so I did something similar in our basement. I only did a section in the back where I wanted to make my own little craft room, which the floor turned out great I am just waiting on my husband to finish up the drywall so I can put shelves in and organize.

yellow diy floor

This one I just saw the other day and how cute is this? I love it! To bad my husband is not a little more adventurous when it comes to home projects.

blue lath

Here are just a few more examples of flooring I love. I really really like old hardwood flooring that is painted or stencilled.





This one is actually just plywood cut and stained, awesome!


This one is screen printed art paper!



shabby coast cottage painted wood floor 2[1]

I don’t know about you guys but I want to rip out all my flooring and get to town on some new projects, my husband will love that:) Hopefully you are inspired to get a little adventurous and try some new and creative flooring options. Have a fabulous Friday!



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