Custom Bench

Hello Moxies! My paintbrush hasn’t quite moving for about two weeks now. You can tell by looking at me. I literally have paint everywhere! I decided to pause the brush for a little bit so I could share with you this most recent project that I finished for a good friend of mine. The result is gorgeous!

The bench started out as a dark stain with a yellow velvet material. Painting it Antique White really brought out all of the beautiful detail. And the new fabric gives this bench a nice updated look. I really can’t get over this fabric. I am thinking I need it for a project somewhere in my own house. The picture doesn’t really show it’s beauty. It has a sheen to it that sort of sparkles in the light. It is at Hobby Lobby right now for 30%off.

Thanks for staying with us as we get ready for the Backroads Vintage Market coming up. We promise to bring you more Moody Mondays and Fab Fridays after the 22nd. Have a great weekend!

Bench 2




One thought on “Custom Bench

  1. Like I said before…if she changes her mind and doesn’t want this family heirloom, put me on the list! 🙂

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