Back Roads….our wonderful excuse for being absent

Hello everyone!! Have you missed us? Our posting has been terribly sporadic but we have a terribly good excuse. We have been working our buns off to prepare for the Back Roads Vintage Market, which was held just this past Saturday in Dysart. back roads

I just don’t think we can say enough about the caliber of this show, especially considering it was the very first year this show was held. We just couldn’t believe the number of vendors that were there and the incredible TALENT on display. I’m an avid blog reader and I used think that, geographically speaking, the ladies of Utah were the ones mostly knocking it out of the park in terms of creativity and amazing projects, but Iowa totally kicked ass on Saturday.

Thank you so much to all our friends family who visited us and on Saturday and everyone else who we ran into and chatted with for a while. I’ll leave you with some pictures of our booth. If you see anything you absolutely have to have, please get in touch and we can let you know if it’s still available or if we can do a custom piece for you. We debuted a bunch of new pillow fabrics, and we’re hoping to get pictures of those online in the next couple weeks, but again, let us know if you see something you can’t live without!

Vintage Market2

“Life is a Beautiful Ride” pallet sign, Turquoise Buffet, Nesting Tables, Green Chevron Pillow, Coral Pillows, Doily Pillow

Vintage Market 11

Red Buffet, Gold Mason Jars, Aqua Cookie Jar

Vintage Market 10

Chair Bench, Multi Chevron PIllow, White Pillow w/ Black & White Flower Pin

Vintage Market 9

Yellow Barrel Chairs, Navy Chevron Pillow, Navy Moroccan Pillow, Gradient Dresser (background)

Vintage Market 8

Teal Mirror

Vintage Market 7

Fabric Banner

Vintage Market 6

Aqua Kitchen Stool, Sweater Pillow w/ Flower Pin

Vintage Market 5

Peacock Blue Table, “A” Pallet Sign, “High 5” Pallet Sign, Orange Chair, Green Chevron Pillow, Red Chevron Pillows, Grey Chairs, Red Mirror

Vintage Market 4

Teal Mirror, “Life is Beautiful” Pallet Sign

Vintage Market 3

Grey/Yellow Suzani Pillows, Grey/Yellow Ikat Chevron Pillows, Yellow Octagon Pillows, Red/Grey Gotcha Pillows

Vintage Market 1

Too many pillows to name!!

megan small


2 thoughts on “Back Roads….our wonderful excuse for being absent

  1. I loved all the colors and patterns you had at the BRVM! I sure enjoyed walking by as much as I could. However, I restrained myself from buying anything…sadly. Hopefully someday soon I’ll get something though. Do you attend other shows? Or do you just sell online?
    If you are interested, think about being a vendor at the Little Prairie Girl Barn Sales. The next big sale is in September. $50 for a spot in the Hen House for 3 days. {I’m the Junk Assistant & Details Manager for LPG… addition to doing my own thing at Farmgirl Chaos.} 🙂

    • Hi Nicole!

      Sorry for the late reply. Somehow I didn’t see this message!

      We hope to do some other sales, but we haven’t seen any that fit our fall schedules. We are planing to do an online sale in September, where we load up our Etsy shop with some pillows and other small goodies.

      We have been thinking about the Barn Sale at Little Prairie Girl. Are there other fall Barn Sales? The one in September doesn’t work for us, but I would love to be a part of one. Is there one in October?


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