Creating Ombre Fabric with Rit Dye


Ombre is everywhere! I love it on pillows, curtains, vases, rugs, dressers and even on walls. It is a fad that I can’t get enough of.  I decided to try out creating my own ombre décor using Rit dye.  Are you as excited as I am?  It literally takes minutes and the result is fantastic.

Before we get started, make sure your fabric doesn’t have any moisture protector on it. It will not absorb the dye well. I bought a twill from Joanns that I didn’t realize had moisture protector on it and the dye didn’t absorb well. I also bought a twill at hobby lobby that worked just fine. You will know when you put it under water and the water just beads up instead of absorbing into the fabric.

Do you have your rubber gloves ready? How about a bucket and fabric?  Let’s dye some fabric!!


The Dipping Method
Make sure you are set up in an area that is okay if you are dripping dye and getting messy. I started inside at my sink with drop cloths down. I ended up outside.

Step 1: Cut your fabric into to the size you want. I did pillows so I cut mine into 17 and half by 17 and a half squares and 10 and a half by 13 and a half rectangles.

Step 2: Mix up the Rit dye according to your box or bottle. I tried both and I liked the bottle best. I got a few blotches of darker color when I used the box.  I am sure the box works fine if you take the time to really get it mixed.  Patience is not my friend during nap time! I also chose to add the salt for a brighter color.

Step 3: First wet your fabric with warm water. Then dip your fabric into the dye to the furthest point you want there to be color.  Pull the fabric out quickly. It doesn’t take long for the dye to soak in. To get the lightest color in the gradient you need to be quick. Then dip it again, just below the lightest part then gradually take out the fabric. Hold the fabric in at the bottom portion of the fabric for approximately five to ten minutes so the bottom is nice and dark.

Step 4: Let it dry. I set up a clothes drying rack in my garage and let it dry over night.

Pretty easy and sweet looking, right?

pillow pillow 2

Dipped Fabric Strips

Step 1: Cut your fabric into strips. I am making curtains so my strips are 7 inches by 45 inches. My gradient goes across 5 strips.

Step 2: Mix up the Rit dye according to your box or bottle.

Step 3: First wet your fabric strips with warm water. Then put the first strip in and pull it out immediately. As I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t take long to create your lightest color. Then put all your strips in the bucket. Pull the second strip out after ten to thirty seconds. Pull the third strip out after five minutes.  Pull the fourth strip out after fifteen minutes.  Finally, pull the fifth strip out after thrity minutes.

Step 4: Let it dry.  Again, I set up a clothes drying rack in my garage and let it dry over night.

Check out the final effect!

curtainombre 1

For the curtains I created, I sewed each strip together leaving frayed edges.  I did it on pillows back in my post fabric flower obsession. I love the simple texture it creates.


There are a lot of options you could create using your own ombre dyed fabric. Curtains, pillows, chair covers, ottoman poofs, t-shirts basically any fabric you can think of that would dip into a bucket of dye. I would love to see what you come up with! Show us on facebook or link up to this post. Have a good weekend, Moxies!



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