Pallet Signs; How and Where to Hang Them

If you have been following us on Facebook, you may have noticed that I love to create pallet signs. There are a lot of tutorials out in the blogoshpere and pinterest about how to make a pallet sign, but not often do they show ideas on where to hang them and more importantly how to hang them. They can get kind of heavy!

There are several creative ways to use a pallet sign in your home. This is one of my favorites at House Tweaking. The headboard says exactly what I was thinking!

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 10.06.49 PM

The Caldwell Project styled this living room perfectly and showed exactly how to create a  gorgeous space. The Chillax sign is why I decided to use the word Chillax for my space.

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 10.09.09 PM

If you are worried about drilling some holes in your wall to hold up a pallet sign, you could consider leaning it against the wall on a shelf. Love this by the Proverbs 31 Girl

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 10.11.08 PM

Funky Junk Interiors shows layering the pallet sign with a mirror over it. The layering creates some dimension in the space and also keeps the holes out of the walls.

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 10.13.34 PM

Yet another beautiful pallet sign by Blooming Homesteads shown hanging in a hallway or entryway.

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 10.15.23 PM

Now that I am sure all of you have thought of the perfect place to put a pallet sign, let’s talk about how to hang these heavy things up!  There are two ways you could hang up your sign. One, you could find the studs in your wall and drill in screws stud width apart. Or two, you could put drywall anchors in and put screws into those wherever you want. Either way works to hold your sign up. And both require a similar measuring technique.

Step 1: Pick out sturdy hardware to hold up your sign. This is what I picked up at Wal Mart in the bracket section near the tools. You also have the option of buying them with drywall anchors. The package is marked Heavy Duty Hanging Kit. I am confident these should do the trick. Thank you clearly marked label!!

Step 1

Step 2:  If you are wanting to go without drywall anchors then you will need to find the studs in your wall. I used a stud finder. And if you have a husband like mine, be prepared for smart comments about finding the stud. He thinks he is funny when he beeps himself!! Okay, I usually laugh too. I also realized this is the perfect opportunity to stroke his ego and ask for help!

step 2_stud finder

Step 3: Once you have located your studs, eh hem….in your wall, mark where they are with chalk. Mine are 16 inches apart, which I think is pretty standard. I like to use chalk because it can easily be wiped off when you are finished.

For the width placement of your screws (look at diagram below)
Find the center of where you want your pallet sign to hang. Mine is the center of my love seat, so I measured the length of my love seat and divided it in half. My center chalk mark ends up being centered between two studs, which means I don’t need drywall anchors. Next I drew two vertical lines (with a level ) off of my marks I made earlier that marked the studs.

If the center chalk mark of where I wanted my sign was not centered between two studs, I would have used drywall anchors. Then I would have measured 8 inches to the left and to the right of my center mark. Then I would have drawn vertical lines at those points instead of where the studs were.

For the height placement of your screws (look at diagram below)
This might be easiest with help from your stud muffin, especially if your pallet sign is large. I did hang up mine without help from mine, but it definitely would have been easier with help. Hold your sign up and mark on the wall with chalk about where you would want the bottom of the sign to fall.

Then measure your pallet sign from the bottom to about where you want your hardware. Go ahead and mark that with a pen on your sign, you will use that mark later. Take that measurement (mine was 18 inches) and measure from your mark on the wall that was marking your bottom of the sign and measure up 18 inches or whatever your measurement came to. Draw a line horizontally holding a level. Where your vertical lines and your horizontal line intersect is where you will put your screws or drywall anchors if you need them.

That got lengthy! Still with me?

Step 3

Step 4: Do a similar measuring technique on the pallet. Find the center of your pallet. Then measure 8 inches to the left and 8 inches to the right. Draw vertical lines with a level at these points. Finally, draw a horizontal line with a level from the mark you made back in Step 3 that was 18 inches up from the bottom. Where these lines intersect drill your screws into your hardware to keep them in place. One Note: make sure your screws are short enough so they don’t go through your pallet.

step 4

Alright, time to hang it up and your done! And if somehow you mismeasured, push the couch slightly to the left or right and your STUD will never know. That never happens though, right?

For those of you that may have noticed, the revamp to my living room is making progress. Stay tuned for a big reveal after I finish up a few projects, including that little table off to the right. Have a good weekend, Moxies!




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