My Craigslist Addiction

Hey everyone, it’s Megan. Happy Thursday, thank goodness it’s almost Friday, what a crazy week!

The girls and I were chatting last night about my most recent thrifted finds and Lindsay said, “You should blog about that!”. So, I will share some of my recent finds with you and all the weird too-good-to-be-true things that happen when I set my sights on finding a specific vintage item. It doesn’t always have to be Craigslist, it could be a swap sheet or thrift store, but somehow, the universe always manages to supply me that one special thing I’ve been looking for! I’ll get to taking some pictures for you guys because I do have some treasures hanging out, just waiting for our basement to be ready for some decoratin’!!

In the meantime, I ran across this cool graphic that just made me laugh. You see, I love modern furniture, specifically mid-modern. I took History of Interiors I and II in college, so when someone says it’s a Breuer chair or LeCorbusier lounge, I’m at least able to know what it is and if it’s likely to be the realy thing or not. On a side note, I probably won’t ever be able to afford an authentic designer chair anyway, but a girl can dream :).

Living in Iowa, we’re not exactly in the mecca of mid-modern finds, and considering my champagne-taste but beer-budget, I’m always scouring for those rare occasions where someone has something really amazing, but doesn’t really know it or care if it’s cool or not and won’t charge me $500!. So, when I do my Craigslist searches, I have to be creative, because you never know how people will describe their mid-mod stuff. Check out this infographic from Lunchbreath and good luck to everyone out there who’s thrifting like me. Oh, and let me know if you find any cool mid-century stuff!!


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