Fall Pillow Collection Inspiration

Fall is absolutely one of my favorite seasons. I love all the beautiful colors in the leaves and trees, eating and drinking anything pumpkin flavored and taking the boys to the pumpkin patch. Not to mention, I can wear jeans and tuck away that one pair of shorts that I own. I. LOVE. FALL.

Commonly when you think of fall colors orange, brown and red enter you mind. For our fall pillow collection, I wanted to bring in some brighter colors that would still have your house feeling like fall.  I saw this room on HGTV.com and thought it was the perfect inspiration for a fall color palette. The warm yellow and green contrasted with the bold turquoise, navy and orange give the space a cozy feeling. Thank you to all our readers who voted for these colors for our pillows. I love how the collection came together.


I had a lot of fun pulling different patterns together. This Willow Premier Print is striking in turquoise.

Indoor_TurquoiseI tried a few different techniques using fabric paint. One of my favorite pillows is the green expressive brush strokes. I am thinking about doing it to my curtains… I can see my husband rolling his eyes.


If you haven’t already, stop in our Etsy shop to check out the pillows we created for Fall.  Let us know what you think.

Screen Shot 2013-09-29 at 9.01.39 PM



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