Living Room Reveal

I am ecstatic to finally show all of you my living room! A few months ago I did a mood board with plans to update my space here. I ended up changing up my plan a little…me change my mind, unheard of! Okay, yes I change my mind a lot, but it will make the reveal all the more suspenseful, right!

If you remember, I started with this little vignette that inspired my color scheme.


And then I saw this rug at Target and HAD TO HAVE IT underneath the kitchen table. All the colors and pattern in the rug ended up changing my mind about  how I wanted to use color and pattern in my living room space.


My new direction involved bringing some more colors into the space. Now my color palette will include turquoise along with the yellow, orange and light aqua I was planing. I also switched up my original plan for orange slipper chairs. The main deciding factor was price. I just couldn’t get myself to spend double the amount when Target had some pretty adorable yellow and white trellis slipper chairs. Yes, Target again. What can I say, Target might be the only store that sells ninja turtles AND has really cute chairs. We go there a lot!

My main concern when I was picking out the style of my furniture was to keep it petite. This living space is right off of the kitchen and it is pretty small. I wanted to be able to seat four. It would get crazy awkward when we would have people over. You felt like you were in a game of musical chairs trying to get a seat. You better believe I would push to get a seat too!

Once I had the furniture picked out I felt I could finally get moving on the DIY projects I was planing. The first one was creating my own ombre fabric.  You may remember I did a post about it here. I wanted to incorporate some ombre pillows into my space along with some other patterns that would tie all my colors together.


I also designed and created a pallet sign for my space. I wanted to bring in some rustic elements. If you are looking for other ideas on how to decorate with a pallet sign check it out here.

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 3.47.36 PM

I also fixed up this little white table. Easiest transformation EVER. All that was needed was a can of Rustolium Metallic Gold and a little elbow grease. I love how it turned out.

Table2 Table

The final item my living room space needed was a coffee table or ottoman. I found this little chest with casters that I thought would be perfect. My only problem is I knew everyone would want to put their feet up once in a while. So, until I make some ottoman poofs I made this quick little cushion to put on the top when needed.

Chest on Casters


I am really happy with how it all came together. It has a fresh modern feel with a little rustic flare. My plan is to swap out the pillow for the season. The second picture shows more like what it looks like today with fall bold, bright colors.

living room_redo

Fall Pillw version

It feels good to finally Chillax in my living room. Have a good week, Moxies and thanks for letting me share my space with you.



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