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Today I am bringing you the very first Feature Friday! On the first Friday of every month I am going to feature a project from a guest. It was almost a year ago that I wrote my first blog post. I was a little nervous about it because I have never been a super writer.  But, I found I loved being able to share my projects with someone. It gave me a sense of accomplishment and it gave me more motivation to tackle some of those project ideas that are always spooling through my mind.  Because I have enjoyed blogging so much, I want to give others the opportunity to share their creative ideas. If you want to be a guest simply email me at moxiedesignstudioia.wordpress.com with your idea. I would love to hear it and share it with everyone!

My first guest blogger is my sister, Lacey. She is very crafty and quite creatively talented. I can’t wait for you to meet her and hear about her project!

Hi all! I am super excited (and honored) to be guest posting today. I am actually in love with the idea of it. I get to share a completed project with someone other than my husband and kids. And not that my husband and kids aren’t great. They are. But I am looking for “Wow Lacey. That roller shade is amazing. It is not only super functional but stylish too. And I love how you tied the yellow in from the kitchen. Breathtaking. You could be an interior designer.” And instead I get “Did you put up a shade?” I think this is a great way to show off some of our amazing projects we do around our homes. Great idea Lindsay!


It has been over 2 years since we moved into our home. And in the fall when it starts to get dark earlier I become very aware that I do not have a window covering on the door off the kitchen. I didn’t want to do a blind. The cords scare me with my kids running around. And I really wanted to add some color to my otherwise beige home. I was cruising Pinterest one evening and came across this great idea to glue fabric to a cheap roller shade. This project seemed perfect for me. I like simple.

roller shade_supplies

I finally ordered some fabric and had the Home Depot cut a roller shade to cover the window. And then I spent an hour one Sunday afternoon gluing the fabric to the shade. Only to find out by adding the fabric I doubled the thickness and weight of the shade and it would not roll up more than a third of the way before it got stuck. I really liked the look of the shade down and started to tell myself “who needs sunlight?!” when I came up with the idea to remove the vinyl shade, get out my sewing machine, and use only the hardware to make a fabric roller shade. I then searched and found a great tutorial on Design Sponge. The project start to finish (including having the hubs hang the hardware on the door) took around 2 hours. And I love the finished project! It looks great and works too! The only people who might be disappointed are our neighbors who will no longer get to watch us eat at night.

Roller Shade_after 2 roller shade_after 1 Rolling Shade_after_2

One tip that I did not think about but lucked into was my choice of fabric. The geometric pattern made it really easy to keep things square and straight. So if you are on the fence trying to choose between fabrics and one is geometric you can save yourself a little bit of time measuring and cutting if you go with the geometric print.


The glass on this door is my nemesis. It always has fingerprints on it. This is my buddy looking pretty cute in tears after I told him not to touch the glass. I had just cleaned it to take a before picture and mid-popsicle he got down from the table and touched my clean glass. I couldn’t even keep it clean long enough to snap a picture!

Babe and Bud

My new strategy. Pull the shade when the fingerprints get super bad.

Thanks Lacey for sharing your project! How many of you have tried a Pinterest project that ended up not working out the way it should have? So frustrating, right! I am glad you found a solution, Lacey. It looks very functional, but stylish too. Oh and very breathtaking!

By the way, did anyone notice feet in the first photo? I was editing these late and didn’t notice my nephews feet in the corner until this morning. I was laughing so hard!! I just had to leave it with hopes others would also get a good laugh.

Have a good weekend, Moxies!


One thought on “Feature Friday | With Lacey

  1. Ha! I also chuckled about Bud’s feet. You would have thought I took away his Popsicle based on how upset he got. And I think I was nice about it. I am pretty sure all I said was “no no buddy, don’t touch the glass”. I guess his favorite part of eating a Popsicle must be putting fingerprints on the window! 🙂

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