The Toy Purge

I did it! It took me most of my morning and even some of my afternoon, but I dumped out all the toys and got them organized. It feels amazing and I feel a little more ready for Christmas.

The first thing I did was set up some general rules to follow so I could slim down the collection of toys. My Rules: Toss all broken toys, toys with missing pieces and the Mc Donalds toys that they play with once or twice.

Once I eliminated some toys, I started sorting them all into piles. Mine were large vehicles, small vehicles, balls, action figures, blocks, dinosaurs and tools. Can you tell I have boys?

sorting toys

This was the fun part. I had read from a few different blogs that they had their kids go through and pick out some toys to donate to teach them the act of giving. I had really low expectations going in. Figuring maybe they would throw a fit and not want to do it, but I thought it was worth a try. And if they didn’t want to do it, I wasn’t going to force them. I told them they each needed to pick out five toys each to donate to other little kids that would enjoy getting them for Christmas. I think my youngest just enjoyed throwing them in the box, but I was surprised my four year old was on board. They both ended up putting more then five toys in the box.

giving toys away

This is my cutie getting distracted by the toys. It is so fun listening to him play! We had to pause the purge and play for a bit.

playing trains

The toys officially have been sorted through and we got rid of A LOT. Two garbage bags full and one box. Not bad, right! After we got everything slimed down, I did some organizing.

We bought this little toy box about four years ago. It could use a little makeover, but for now it does the job. I added some storage boxes from Target that make it easy to keep the toys organized.


Each storage box contains a pile that was sorted earlier. Small vehicles, blocks, action figures, tools, balls and dinosaurs. All bigger toys and stuffed animals are in larger red buckets that you can kind of see off to the left.

toy organization

My goal is for the boys to play with each box at a time trying to encourage more focused play. I have read it helps them feel less overwhelmed. I will keep you posted how it works! So far there are no complaints from my little boys.

boys playing

It definitely feels good to put some order to all the toys we had. The organization is a huge improvement from what we had. I am hoping we can keep it up or at least do a purge once a year at this time. Happy purging Moxies!



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