FEATURE FRIDAY | With Emily | Reduce, Reuse, Re…Scarf

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Guess what? It is time for another Feature Friday post! I am very excited to introduce you to an old and dear friend of mine, Emily. She has some serious creative talent. And she has a budget friendly and stylish project to share just in time for Christmas! I will stop rambling now and let Emily tell you about it!

The sky is the limit for fashion when you get creative, and it doesn’t get more trendy than scarves AND thriftiness!

I put my thinking cap on, and figured out how to make an infinity scarf out of two old shirts!

Scarf collage

Hi. I’m Emily, and I kinda hate to sew… (Sorry, I do.) So, I’ll begin with saying, if you’re looking for sewing tips and skills, you’re reading the wrong tutorial. I am not a seamstress. In fact, I barely know how to sew, except for the minimum it takes to adhere fabrics together IN ORDER TO CREATE THE THINGS I DREAM UP!! SO, for my creative friends who love to think outside of the box, my conservative friends who love practical ideas and saving money, and my friends (like me) who think traditional sewing with a pattern is a snoozefest, THIS IS FOR YOU!! (Oh, and if you’re an accomplished seamstress..I suppose this will work for you too. But promise not to judge me on my lack of fundamentals. We’re going to break a few rules here. ;))

Now go grab two shirts out of the back of your closet, or from the garage sale pile and meet me back here! (This is going to be SO FUN!!!)


Got em?! (No, I don’t care what size they are. I suppose if they are both similar in size that would be good. And well, a bigger shirt will make a bigger scarf, so… 😉 In my opinion anything goes. Mix and match fabrics, colors, patterns. Whatever! You know what kind of scarf you wanna wear!

Fold bodice beneath armpits and cut

Start with the first shirt. Fold at armpits and cut off the top. (Save those sleeves! They will make adorable leg warmers peeking out of the top of your boots!)

The torso tube remains

You’ll be left with the torso *tube* of the shirt.

Remove gathering elastic

Now don’t be afraid of little quirky things, like this gathering elastic along the side seams. I just removed it with a seam ripper (and of course, I made a mental note about how to make cute gathers for future projects!)

Cut tube along side seam and cut off stitching

Turn your *torso tube* and cut along one of the seams. (Also trim off the old seam. Umm…so maybe I could’ve left the elastic on this seam. Haha!) But leave the other side seam intact.

Tube open with seam cut off

When you lay it out, it will look like this. (A nice big piece of fabric!!) But we don’t need it this wide, so….

cut along folded edges

…fold that puppy in half (hot dog style) and cut it all the way along the fold to create two long skinny pieces with a seam down the middle.

Cust on Strip

Ok so now you have two long strips. Our scarf is only going to require one and a half of these strips. So take one strip and cut it in half at the seam. (I’m sorry I forgot to take a pic. of that step.) Then pin and sew this half-strip to the other long piece as pictured. Then, REPEAT this whole process with the other shirt.

Do the exact same with the other shirt

You will end up with two long strips (composed of 3 panels each.) At this point, I came across another little bump in the road. As you can see, my grey strip is not straight because of the flair in the shirt.

Sew a dart to straighten it out if needed

NO PROBLEM! I just lined it up straight and sewed a dart in there! (Never sewed a dart in my life, but I’ve seen plenty of them. Easy peasy! Google it if you have questions.) Problem solved. 🙂 (We’ll worry about that bulky spot later…or maybe we won’t!)

Pin and sew along long sides with wrong sides in

Next, lay one strip on top of the other (wrong sides out.) Line up one side. Pin and sew all the way down! Clearly, these two strips are not exactly the same size. I trimmed the length to match, and could have trimmed the width (the blue/green fabric you’re seeing above) but I decided I didn’t want to waste that inch of fabric, so I left it on there!

Without trimming, pin and sew the other long side

It made pinning a little tricky to leave the extra fabric there, but it was just fine. I just  pulled the grey fabric up to meet the edge, and let the blue/green fabric just bunch up a little on the other side. Once pinned, sew away!

Long skinny scarflike tube

And wow! Now we’ve got something very *scarffy-like!* And next, the *infinity* thing!

Inside out half way only

Put your arm through the scarf. (Cozy!) And pull the bottom through, like you’re in-siding it out, but STOP when you’re half way…when the tube ends match up.

Infinity Loop

Then pin all the way around…

Stop sewing when there are 3 inches left then pull scarf through that hole

…and sew all the way around until you have about 3 inches left.  Then reach into that little hole and pull the inside out.

A hole remains

And you’ll end up with this! The completed scarf!!! (Umm…with a hole in the seam.) 😦 But no problem! Time to try a new skill!

Finish by tucking raw edges

Just tuck the raw edges in, pin, & sew really close to the edge. We’ll call this a *finishing seam.* 🙂 And there we go. Done!


You have a super trendy, up-cycled, reversible scarf! In fact, after I took this picture, I realized I actually love the GREY side out even better! And yes, there are seams here and there, but we’re Moxie girls, right? Seams are cool and we like them wherever they land. That’s how we roll.

So, how cool is this?

How FREE is this?!!! 🙂

Everyone’s getting a scarf for Christmas!

So, whether you like this scarf idea, or not, I hope this inspires you to think creatively about what you already have, and how you can up-cycle to create something new and exciting!

Huge thanks to my long time friend, Lindsay, of the Moxie Design Studio for allowing me to share my joy of creating with you! You can find me on Facebook, and check out my business page for Crane Creek Frames!

Emily Forsyth

Thanks, Emily! You have definitely inspired me.  I love the idea of saving the left over sleeves for leg warmers. Genious!

As Emily mentioned she has a Facebook business page for Crane Creek Frames with some adorable frames in many colors and shapes. Christmas ornament frames too! Make sure you go like her on Facebook! Below is a sneak peak of some of her frames. Have a good weekend, Moxies!

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 3.43.37 PM

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