Vintage Market In Kansas City

I have been meaning to do this post for the last few days now, but after a weekend of traveling I almost need a recovery day or days! This past weekend we traveled to Kansas City! My sister and I went to this Vintage Market downtown. They are open the first friday of every month and some have hours during the week. There are SEVERAL different shops that display SEVERAL different vendors throughout SEVERAL old warehouses. There were so many amazing vintage treasures to look at. I felt a little overwhelmed at first, but I managed to put my shopping skills to use and brought home a few treasures for myself.

Below is the area we were in. Don’t mind my pink mittens. They are the warmest I own and it was really chilly!!


All the pictures were taken via camera phone so the quality isn’t fantastic, but hopefully you can get the idea of what I mean when I say amazing vintage treasures! The displays were beautiful. Yep, that is an old mattress spring!


If you are looking for a credenza or buffet table…I bet I saw somewhere near fifty gorgeous choices. I of course had to look past all of these large items, unless I wanted to rent a vehicle to bring it home for me.


Pallet Signs!!


Sweater wrapped deer heads…I bet I sat there for twenty minutes debating if I should buy one. They were a little pricey, but so gorgeous.


This is just an overall picture to show you how much stuff there is in just one shop! I was really hoping they had a “P” in the collection of letters on the table. No such luck!


A wreath made of old springs! Love it!


There truly were some unique items here. I ended up getting some of those numbers in the bucket below. No, I didn’t get an animal skin rug…they were pretty sweet looking though.


This makes me want to paint my brick wall turquoise! Oh the hubs would kill me, but I LOVE IT!


Another wide shot to show all the different displays.


Again I sat here for about twenty minutes debating those red octagon mirrors below. Thinking about one for the bathroom! Wouldn’t you just LOVE shopping with me, HA!


I have no idea what you would use that large window for, but how cool is it? This space was all decked out for Christmas and breath taking.


If you are looking for a get away, probably with girls if you have a choice. Go check out this downtown Kansas City Market located in what is called the west bottom on the Missouri side of Kansas City here is the link. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I had so much fun! Next time I am bringing the truck with me! 😉



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