Family Picture Organizing and Archiving; Wrapping up Projects from 2013

Hello Moxies! I’m back from my little holiday blogcation. I had such a wonderful time hanging out with my boys. We had the best time!  I had to get over my addiction to Skylanders Swap Force, but I am recovering and back into tackling projects. Did everyone else have a good holiday break? You are not allowed to mention weather. I don’t even want to talk about it. Brrrr!

One of the projects that I love and hate to tackle every year before the new year is our family digital photo album. I take an insane amount of pictures throughout the year. There are A LOT of pictures to go through. For the last three years, I have been going about the same process of organizing, selecting, editing and putting them in a digital album. And it has been working pretty well for me.

I organize my pictures by event as I download them throughout the year. I download mine into iPhoto, which automatically does this for me. I find it really helpful because I like to create my spreads in my album based on events.

Selecting Photos
Selecting the photos is by far the hardest part of the process for me. I pick out approximately 5-10 pictures per event that I like. I place the photos in a folder on my desktop, titled something like family 2013. I weed them out one more time right before I put them in the album. I select photos that tell the best story or that will help me remember a certain moment the best.

I try to keep up with my editing throughout the year on select pictures that I love. If I edit any pictures at the end of the year it is just to get rid of red eye, boogers or drool. The necessary stuff.

I take my folder with the photos I have selected ( as mentioned earlier, mine is titled family 2013) and begin downloading them to Shutterfly.  I have been using Shutterfly to do my albums for the last three years. I have little to complain about. I downloaded the express uploader to my computer and I was able to get 400 pictures downloaded in 3 hours. I choose the archive setting because I like to use Shutterfly as another way to back up my pictures. Pictures are way too important to me to ever lose! One tip, make sure you take your computer off sleep mode while you are downloading. It will stall out if your computer goes to sleep before the pictures are done downloading.

Placing in the Album
Being a graphic designer, it is tough for me to not perfect every page. I have learned to keep it simple so I can get it done in a few days. I select a template I like and chose an appropriate layout based on the number of pictures I have for each event. I try to keep events to spreads. Example: Fall pumpkin painting on one spread. Halloween costumes another spread. The final step for me is journaling. I like to write something about each page. I learned in my scrapbooking days, that journaling is extremely important. It helps me remember moments I don’t want to ever forget.

Once I have the album complete, I wait to see if I can get the best deal on the album. Believe me, NEVER pay full price on a digital album from Shutterfly. There will be a deal or discount at some point. One of the reasons I choose to do my album at the end of the year is because of the discounts that are offered. Shutterfly’s 45% just ends on the 7th. Use coupon code Newyear if you can get your album done in a day.

How do you organize your photos? What software or web sites do you use? I would love to hear how everyone else stays on top of their photos. I will leave you with my family album favorites from 2013. I hope you all stay warm and take in some extra snuggles from your loved ones! Oh, and stay tuned this week will be Feature Friday with a good friend of mine, Beth.

family pics



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