FEATURE FRIDAY | With Beth | Cabinet Makeover for Under $20

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Today is feature friday! Insert your girly screams here. I promise waiting an extra week will be worth your wait. Let me introduce you to my good friend, Beth. She is incredibly creative and she always has her home filled with unique and inspiring decor. A visit to her house always makes me want to go home and change something about my own home. I love Beth’s style and I can’t wait for her to show you her project.

Hi Moxie readers! I’m Beth, a friend of Lindsay’s. Our DIY days go way back to when we used to get together for painting parties, scrapbooking/crafting nights and sewing projects!

I recently completed a cosmetic makeover to my half bathroom and wanted to share how I upgraded my cabinet on the cheap. Our house was builder basic when we moved in. I’ve never been a fan of the orange-y oak, and am on a mission to get rid of it (a very slow process)!

Here’s what my vanity looked like before the makeover. (I also painted the walls, added a new mirror and shelving prior to the cabinet makeover.)


I really liked this cabinet from Home Depot here, but a new vanity wasn’t in the cards. I was inspired by the beadboard detailing and color and thought I’d try it on my cabinet. After hitting up Home Depot and Menards, I found a smaller 2’ x 3’ sheet of beadboard paneling at Menards for only $8.99. HINT: At my store, the beadboard panels were located near the paint department, not with the lumber.

I measured my sides and door and cut the panels to size using my circular saw. I do recommend measuring each panel inset separately, mine were slightly different sizes, which I didn’t figure out until AFTER I cut both and one didn’t fit! After a few trips back out to my garage to fine tune the cuts, I declared them good enough.  HINT: I did find cutting with the back of the paneling facing up reduced splitting and resulted in a cleaner cut on the front. 

I used paneling adhesive to attach the panels to the recessed area of the doors. I used clamps (and a pile of heavy books when I ran out of clamps) to hold the panels in place while drying. I used the same adhesive plus a few small nails to attach the large panel to the side. I also added a small piece of trim at the top of the side panel to cover the gap between the vanity top and the beadboard.


Once dry, I caulked around the panels to bridge the gap between the doors and the panel. Caulking helps to cover up any bad cuts (ahem) and lend a more finished look. As you caulk, try not to get too much into the grooves of the paneling. I used a toothpick to clean out the grooves that got filled in by my messy work! I did a much better job by my second door (on the right). I also filled the nail holes and caulked my trim piece on the side panel.

Once the caulking was dry, I primed the cabinet using two coats of primer.  Then I added two coats of Behr Ashes paint. I already had the primer and paint on hand from previous projects. Being a paint hoarder paid off for this project!

Once dry, I reattached the doors, added the knobs back on, and called it done. Here it is finished. I may switch out the knobs eventually. But I’m calling it good for now!


Here’s a side-by-side before and after of the cabinet. I love how the beadboard adds a cottage touch to my bathroom. The gray color even makes the laminate floors look better. Win-win!

Cabinet cabinet 2

Budget Breakdown:
Paneling: $8.99
Paneling Adhesive: $3.19
Trim: $0 (leftover from another project)
Caulk: $0 (leftover from another project)
Primer: $0 (leftover from another project)
Paint: $0 Behr Ashes (leftover from painting walls)
Knobs: Hobby Lobby $3.99 (purchased during a 50% off sale) http://shop.hobbylobby.com/products/blue-and-white-compass-ceramic-round-knob-210617/

TOTAL: $16.17

A like-new cabinet for under $20!  If you had to buy primer/paint, I’d add another $30 to the budget. A quart would be plenty to complete this project.

Thanks for letting me stop by and show off my “new” cabinet, Lindsay!

Wow! Great project, Beth. Very inspiring for those that have the honey oak builder grade cabinets and are looking for an inexpensive way to add a little character. I have definitely been there! Thanks again Beth for sharing your project!

If you are interested in being a part of a feature friday please submit your idea to moxiedesignstudioia@gmail.com. Have a great weekend, Moxies!


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