A Few Tips To Save Money On Paint

I love transforming furniture and rooms with just a little paint, but it can get pretty costly. After several painting projects, I have come across a few money saving tips that I hope are helpful before you begin your next painting project.

Use Existing Paint and Mix it
I briefly mentioned in my last post that I mix paint to avoid buying new paint. Over the years, I have bought paint for several projects. A lot of the left over paint just sits in the storage room. I won’t get into the whole color wheel and how to mix paint to get certain colors, but don’t be afraid to grab what you have and experiment.

I used a pine green satin base and mixed it with an antique white satin base to create my mint green that I used on this project here. As I mentioned in my last post, mixing paint works best with the same base like satin. I grabbed a container with a lid that once had parmesan cheese in it then mixed it up (I of course cleaned the container first). I used a paint stick to do the mixing. I have also made a coral from mixing a bright orange with antique white and a little red. Have fun with it!

mint green paint

Buy Sample Jars For Small Projects
When I was first started painting furniture, I was buying different quarts for just about every project at about $15.00 a piece. I started to realize for the small projects, I was barely using any of the quart and had a lot of left over paint!

I loved the colors that Valspars Signature Series offered in their sample jars and started purchasing some sample jars to do projects. (Their Signature Series is paint and primer) Each jar is about $3.00! I was able to paint coffee tables, chairs, stools and benches with just one sample jar each. I have even done a buffet table with two jars, which $6.00 is still half the price of a quart. I also learned that you can have any color mixed up in a sample jar, so there are no limitations with color. Yeah I know, exciting!

Valspar samples

Check out the Mistints
If you have a bigger project that requires purchasing a gallon of paint, check out the mistints section. I know Home Depot has it and once in awhile you come across a beautiful color for $3.

Screen Shot 2014-01-16 at 9.36.45 PM


Take in Old Never Used Paint and Have Them Tint It
Okay, this last tip I can’t claim I came up with or that I have even tried it, but I thought it was worth mentioning. I was watching my favorite station, HGTV and Nicole Harris mentioned that she has taken in old gallons of paint that were never opened and had the store tint the paint. Anyone else ever tried this? Curious what the cost is to have the paint tinted after already purchasing the paint. A great tip I would love to try!

If anyone has any additional tips, please share them! I would love to hear any other ideas out there. Have a good weekend Moxies! Happy Painting!



2 thoughts on “A Few Tips To Save Money On Paint

  1. I have done it and it worked great! I have taken in old primer and had that tinted and I have taken in a can of older tan and had it tinted darker with very good success. I would recommend it to anyone!

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