Printable Love Notes For Your Valentine

love notes_thumbnails

The hubs and I have never done much for Valentine’s Day. Well, except for the year we ordered a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy’s. Yep, we know how to make a day feel special. HA! Instead of doing the same old simple card, I decided to do something a little more personal for my husband for Valentine’s Day this year.

Love_Notes_write message on the back

My game plan is to attach them to different places in the house, where I know my husband goes every morning. Example: I will put one next to his toothbrush, the coffee pot, in his coat pocket, in his jeans pocket (NERD ALERT, my husband sets out his clothes the night before.) I am usually up before him so I will set them out before he wakes up. If I am really, really feeling nice I will make him some breakfast too.

Love notes_placed

If you are looking for a simple idea for your Valentine, I will leave the FREE printable here for you to use (It will download a high res pdf once you click on the link). Print them, cut them out and write your note on the back. I just used my ink jet printer and photo paper. They can also work as gift tags if you have a gift for your Valentine.

Have a good Valentine’s Day, Moxies!



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