Bathroom Update

You may remember I shared my bathroom plans in a post. Or maybe you don’t because it has been a LONG time since I posted it. I was really hoping there would be a perfect week where we (when I say we I really mean my husband) would make a lot of progress and I would then give an update that would be exciting with gorgeous pictures, but that is just not the case.

I am sure many of you that have attempted a renovation like this can relate. When you are doing everything on your own, it takes time. And working on the bathroom is often the last thing my husband feels like doing after a busy day of working. I don’t blame him. I really don’t. What, I don’t! It just doesn’t make me any less anxious about the finished project. Okay, I may have threatened to hire someone else once or twice, but I really do appreciate everything my hubs has done and he is really doing a good job. If only things worked like they do on HGTV, and like magic in 30 minutes you get to see the finished project. It would also be helpful if I had a clue what I was doing and could offer any sort of help with this stage of the bathroom.

So, here is what it looks like today. My husband just completed the tub deck and it is starting to feel a little more put together. I am starting to feel this renovation could get completed within in a month or two months or at least within the year.


The tile came in a few days ago and made me even more excited about making progress.  How amazing is that marble tile! Let’s all close our eyes for a second and imagine that it is attached to the wall. Ah! So beautiful!

The tile

Since we are getting close to where I can paint the walls, I picked out the color. I went with a really soft color called Cool Elegance by Valspar. I want everything to feel light and airy, but I want to add in bright pops of color with accents.

The color swatch

I had to call the queen of craigslist, Megan at 421 Designs to help me find this dresser/vanity. She found this marble top dresser for me that I swear was singing when I saw it. The dimensions were perfect, the marble was beyond perfect. Everything about it was perfect. Just perfect, right!


Wrong! Megan definitely found the perfect dresser for me, but I didn’t double check the measurements the seller gave me. Lesson learned! The dresser ended up being 32 inches wide and I really needed it to be no more then 30 inches. And actually come to find out, 30 inches is not enough space for my husband, who apparently needs to flap his arms out while he goes to the bathroom. Needless to say this super amazing dresser will not be appearing in my bathroom.

I will keep you all posted with more updates. Hopefully the next time we talk about this bathroom there will be plenty of gorgeousness to share. Stay tuned.

I did at least hire an assistant (pictured below). HA! If only those plastic power tools worked. He probably won’t make the reno go any faster, but he does bring the cuteness of the bathroom up a few notches.

Thanks for stopping by, Moxies!

The Assistant



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