Sunroom Revamp

Before and AFter Good Morning, Moxies! It has been a long time coming for a new post, but my own house was in need of a little TLC, okay a lot of TLC. I have several half started projects that I haven’t had time to get finished or projects that just seem to lack priority in comparison to other things on my to do list.

I decided to tackle my sunroom first. It was probably the most noticeable unfinished project. I started sewing new cushion covers for my sunroom  back in February and it was left with half old green cushions and new grey cushions ever since. I wish I would have snapped a picture of it, because it was interesting looking for awhile.

My inspiration for the sunroom started with this chest that I transformed here. I removed the wicker tables and decided to add some character to what I call a very wickertastic sunroom. Yes, wickertastic. Everything in the sunroom was wicker, there wan’t much character and the green cushions have bothered me pretty much ever since I bought them. I had to dig for these pictures, but I found one of my son at Easter time in front of all the wicker and a picture showing the ugly pattern on the cushions so you can truly get what I mean. Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 3.28.21 PM Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.52.49 AM Staging this picture together for the chest transformation below, made me realize that I wanted to bring in more pink, orange and turquoise into the room with pillows and other accessories. I loved the way the turquoise of the book and the pink and orange in the decorative balls looked with the mint green. Chest_view 1 For my fabric choices, I looked at fabrics by Joel Dewberry on I really love his floral prints. And in a sunroom, I felt it would be nice to bring in some bright florals. Pillows To bring some character into the sunroom, I repurposed an old typewriting table that my mom had in her attic and used it as a side table. I thought the color turquoise would be perfect for it. As the color turquoise is perfect on just about everything, right! Turq table chair_turq table If you attended the Lucky Star Market you may recognize the super adorable coaster. I just had to have one for myself. turq table and wood coaster Another piece I repurposed was this old side table from my grandma. I love the geometric detail on the side. It looks lovely all creamy and distressed. And it makes a perfect TV stand! white table_tv stand My good friend Megan over at 421 Design got me addicted to this copper spray paint. Seriously addicting, I mean it! I could not stop finding things to paint copper. I found my can at hobby lobby. And don’t forget to bring your 40% coupon with you! Chair_vase Don’t mind the sparse yellow flowers. My boys won’t leave them alone. They keep picking the flowers off and giggling. I may or not replace them until they figure out to leave them alone! vase I love the feeling of finishing up a project. My sunroom is ready just in time for beautiful sunny weather. I can sip my coffee in the morning and kick my feet up and enjoy! Sunroom wide view 1 sunroom wide view3 And here is one of my little princess dog Siena, who refused to leave the sunroom for my photo shoot. HA! I don’t blame her, the sun does feel good. Have a good week and enjoy the sunshine! Siena   signature


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