Bathroom Reveal

Bathroom Reveal

It is finally here. The bathroom renovation is finished. Ya heard me, finished! I think we started this project somewhere along the lines of 2 years ago. I wasn’t kidding when I said we work at a snails pace around here. Well the snail finally crossed the finish line. And I am pretty excited to share how it all came together.

It has been awhile since I have posted about the bathroom. So, here is a little reminder of what it looked like before. It makes the end result a lot more exciting, right!

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 1.13.16 PM

Are you ready to see how it turned out? Drum roll please….

Bathroom View_1 Bathroom view3


Bathroom View 2 Bathtub

We went through a lot of tough decisions with this renovation. The first was I had to forgo my idea to have a dresser vanity. After a lot of searching and one dresser that ended up not working, I decided to order a custom vanity to fit the space. The custom vanity and foe marble top was from Menards. It is nice and rich looking. It also has cute rounded legs on it that you can’t quite see in the picture.

The other decision was to not have a chandelier. I really wanted one over the bathtub. And I still believe to this day, it would have looked amazing! My husband didn’t agree with me. He thought it would get in the way and blah blah more practical talk blah. He was probably right, but why do we always have to be so practical?

Another change we had was in the flooring. I originally thought cork flooring. After researching it and talking to a few flooring places, it was not recommend we use it for a bathroom. Especially one with a tub and shower. So we ended up with vinyl wood flooring. This stuff is pretty durable! And I love the earthiness it brought to the bathroom. My husband would tell you that it wasn’t as easy to put together as the box stated. I believe him. He came up the stairs sweating and out of breath, like he had just completed a marathon.

Despite all the changes, I really love how this bathroom turned out. I created some of my own artwork to pull some color into the space. I wanted the artwork to be colorful, full of texture and simple. I think it ended up working well. And it was incredibly budget friendly.

Artwork Artwork2 I found this map print at the Lucky Star Market in Ames. It was done by the Red Door Press. I love the bit of vintage it adds to the space.Map Artwork

We were very limited on storage in the bathroom. So I felt we needed to get creative with some places to store towels, bath bubbles and other bathroom essentials. My handy husband constructed this ladder towel rack. He made it look so simple!

Towel ladder

He also created this drawer on casters. It has some serious storage in it. The knob is from Hobby Lobby. If you have never checked out the hardware section there, you must. I usually stand there for 20 min just grabbing and staring. Drawer Crystal Knob

The tile we used could not be more gorgeous. I originally found the herringbone tile on builder direct. When I went to look for coordinating subway tile for the tub deck, I found that they had both the herringbone tile and subway tile at Lowes.

tile work

I am incredibly excited to have this huge project off the check list. It is everything I wanted in a bathroom space. I am pretty excited to relax in it! Big thanks to my husband for all his work on this project. And a thanks to my dad for helping with the tile. They did an amazing job!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my bathroom,